About Userneeds

Userneeds is your online data supplier in the Nordics.

We have panels in all of the four Nordic countries as well as in Ireland, Switzerland and Austria, and we can help you with market knowledge and surveys within specific target groups.

Userneeds works exclusively with online questionnaire surveys. We are the industry's most experienced and professional company in regards to online surveys, so please contact us if you need local knowledge and indept insight into your target groups or business area. We turn questions into answers.

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Gazelle in 2011

From 2009-2011 Userneeds was elected a Gazelle company. With a growth of 223% over 4 years Userneeds was 266 in

Børsen's national 2011 nominations.

Userneeds member of ESOMAR

Userneeds  is officially  a member of  ESOMAR.  ESOMAR  is the analytical institutes   worldwide organization  for  the raising  of standards, methods  and ethics.